Custom Built Instruments

Acoustic Guitars

The guitar design that I have been focused on and building for the past few years is my CO model and is based on a Martin “0” style guitar from 1927 that I own. As a finger style guitar player myself, I find that when these guitars are properly built, they can be very balanced tonally, project well and are comfortable to hold and play. In addition, they record very well without all of the boominess of bigger guitars. I have used a wide variety of woods when building this guitar. For backs and sides, I have used Indian Rosewood, Mahogany, Walnut and even Cherry. For the tops, I have used a variety of spruces such as European, Engelman and Sitka as well as Redwood. All of the wood combinations have worked well to produce a fine sounding and playing guitar.


Ukuleles are a new fascination for me. For such a simple and small instrument, it can create wonderful sounds and music. I have been working on some designs and will be soon be producing some sopranos and tenor ukuleles. These designs will be based on classic lines, but I will be adding my own twist to them to make them unique.

Electric Guitars

In recent years, a focus on acoustic guitars (along with time constraints and family commitments) has caused my electric guitar production to fall to the sidelines. However, they are still something I love to build and always think about. Solid bodies with a variety of wood choices, construction methods (bolt-on or glued neck) and electronics can be discussed and built.

Lap Steels

A few years back, I designed and built a run of lap steel electrics. I had a lot of fun with these and would be willing to discuss making them again. Check out the “Crystal” finish.